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Client Code of Conduct

California FarmLink | Client Code of Conduct

California FarmLink clients demonstrate respect for other FarmLink clients, FarmLink staff, and instructors through their presence and in their communications. Clients demonstrate respect for their community through their interactions with others and by operating in compliance with applicable laws intended to protect human health and dignity, safety, and the environment.

  • Examples of respectful presence include attentive listening and taking care that your attire and any areas where others visit or see on your camera do not include phrases, images, or symbols that others might find disrespectful, threatening, or demeaning.
  • Examples of respectful communications include taking care to acknowledge the validity of other perspectives, considering different views with equal weight, participating fully in discussions while taking care not to take more than a fair share of available time, and intentionally choosing words, phrases, and tone to avoid insulting, threatening or demeaning others.
  • Examples of operating in compliance with applicable laws include ensuring worker safety and abiding by food safety regulations.

COVID-19: Clients are expected to comply with evolving guidance and safety practices from the State of California and the county health officials in jurisdictions where the client resides and/or operates their farm business.

If you have a direct experience with another FarmLink client, or FarmLink staff or contractor not following the Code of Conduct in their dealings with you, you are encouraged to voice your concerns respectfully to the person or to FarmLink staff. You’re encouraged to ask for an appropriate solution which may be as simple as a person no longer using a certain word or phrase.

If a person is unwilling or unable to abide by the Client Code of Conduct they may be removed from a program, and FarmLink may discontinue services and deny access to future programs and services.

By accepting California FarmLink’s services you agree to abide by the Client Code of Conduct.

California FarmLink | Client Code of Conduct, September 2021

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