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Butte #2280

Butte #2280

Listing ID: Butte #2280


The property is currently ~36 acres of unimproved native pasture, with a gentle roll, but basically flat. The area is a little rocky with smaller rocks. There are no trees on the property right now. The property hasn’t been grazed in at least a decade, and I’m hoping to get some livestock grazing to start improving the land. Ideally, there would be sustainability in mind with some kind of rotational grazing model to help improve the pasture and soil. I hope that we can eventually get perimeter fencing up, and possibly slowly start adding irrigation to the pasture and over-seed to improve species composition and pasture nutrition.

Current Use of Property: Not farmed

Current farming practices on property: None of the above/Not sure

Building and Infrastructure: The property is currently fenced on two sides, one side with older field fence, the connecting side with 3-strend barbed wire. The other two sides are not fenced. Electric fencing could be used, or we are open to a discussion of exchanging fence installation for pasture use. There is a barn on the property that may be rented if needed, but is not included in the pasture rental.

Available farm machinery, if any: No farm machinery is owned.

Known Environmental Hazards: No known environmental hazards.

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 36

County: Butte

Land Suitable For: Cattle (beef);Cattle (dairy);Goats/Sheep;Hogs;Market garden;Pasture;Poultry/Fowl

Other Crops and Livestock: Open to ideas, preferably no permanent/semi-permanent/row crops.

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Lease

Soil Quality and Type: Cattle (beef);Cattle (dairy);Goats/Sheep;Hogs;Market garden;Pasture;Poultry/Fowl

Currently Living on Farm: Yes

Landowner is willing to advise or mentor the tenant farmer: Yes

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