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Lake #5408

Lake #5408

Listing ID: Lake #5408


Twenty (20) acre parcel with water and direct access to paved county road. Completely level. Good river-bottom soils. Currently used for raising grass-fed beef. Previous uses included pasturing goats and prior to that pasturing horses. There are also nine (9) producing walnut trees on the parcel. Many potential opportunities for use. Properties within a few miles in the same watershed are used for wine vineyards, pear orchards, walnut orchards, cattle and sheep/goat pasturing, hay farming and truck gardens.

Current Use of Property: Cattle (beef);Orchard;Pasture

Current farming practices on property: Dry Farming

Building and Infrastructure: No buildings. Fenced on all sides. Corral. Approximately one (1) acre has fencing separating it from balance of the land.

Available farm machinery, if any: Would be willing to allow use of 1964 Ford 3000 tractor. Have 48" Falc spader, 48" mower and 50" disc available.

Known Environmental Hazards: None known.

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 20

County: Lake

Land Suitable For: Cattle (beef);Cattle (dairy);Forage crops;Goats/Sheep;Grains;Hogs;Market garden;Orchard;Pasture;Row crops;Vineyard;Berries;Flowers;Hemp*

Other Crops and Livestock: Nut crops

Land is fenced: Yes

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Lease;Partnership;Cropshare

Soil Quality and Type: Cattle (beef);Cattle (dairy);Forage crops;Goats/Sheep;Grains;Hogs;Market garden;Orchard;Pasture;Row crops;Vineyard;Berries;Flowers;Hemp*

Currently Living on Farm: Yes

Landowner is willing to advise or mentor the tenant farmer: Yes

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