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Mendocino #2252

Mendocino #2252

Listing ID: Mendocino #2252


2018 Vegetable CSA lease, crop share or farm manager opportunity in Covelo. Potential for mentoring.

Live Power Community Farm has provided food to families throughout Northern California for 40 years. Founded by Stephen and Gloria Decater, this 50 acre biodynamic farm is powered by draft animals and an engaged community. It is protected by a precedent-setting agricultural conservation easement designed to ensure that the land will remain in active agricultural production/good stewardship, and affordable to future generations.

The founders are retiring from vegetable production. They and their dedicated CSA community hope to find a successor who will carry on the legacy of this live-powered, community-centered farm. They are seeking a vegetable growing couple or individual with experience and capable of managing and operating an independent vegetable producing enterprise of 1 to 4 acres for 100 to 200 member households within a 50 acre biodynamic whole farm organism and desiring to use biodynamic and live power practices (PV electric, work animal tillage, on farm generated fertility) and associative economic community based rather than market based business/economic practices. Ideally the applicant would have experience or interest in biodynamic farming practices.

The Decaters would like to start with either a trial lease or hiring a farm manager and working towards a longer-term transition. And there are additional enterprises besides the vegetable CSA such as animal husbandry and teamster work with the draft horses that are open to anyone who has the skills and ability to carry this work. There is a cabin available and Stephen and Gloria live on site and will be available for mentoring.

Property is very gently sloped valley land with seasonal creek. Oak, willow, ash, and blackberries in fence lines and along the creek bed. Property is fenced with 4 foot 2 x 4 non climb into 16 fields of 2 to 4 acres accessed by central main lanes with 2 to 3 inch water mains running along lanes for irrigating fields with 2 inch aluminum hand line and K Line sprinklers. There are 4 acres in irrigated alfalfa, 24 acres in permanent pasture/hay/grazing, 12 acres in seasonal pasture and occasional grain, house orchard of 50 fruit trees, 4 acres in vegetables, 4 acres in roads, compost yard and dry lots, and 2 acres in building sites. The farm generates its own electricity with a 30kw grid tie PV system.

Current livestock includes a flock of 6 ewes, 5 herd cows (1 Jersey, 1 Guernsey cross) with calves, 2 feeder pigs, a home egg flock of 25 chickens, and 4 Belgian work horses.

Historically the farm has had 3 main income enterprises: 2-4 acres vegetables for 100-200 member CSA with delivery in 4 locations, hosting approximately 10 school class visits per year, and meat sales of lamb and beef.

Current Use of Property: Cattle (beef);Cattle (dairy);Forage crops;Goats/Sheep;Grains;Hogs;Market garden;Pasture;Row crops

Current farming practices on property: Biodynamic

Building and Infrastructure: 240 square foot insulated cabin with kitchen, shower and toilet 470 square foot insulated cabin with kitchen and detached shower and toilet 800 square foot upstairs 4 room dorm loft with detached 360 foot kitchen and laundry room and detached shower house and toilet(outhouse) 3000 square foot main house( 2 story) with kitchen and bathroom and laundry Greenhouse 24 x 36 Walk In 8 x 10 Harvest Shed 14 x 40 Shop 24 x 24 General Purpose Live Stock Barn 80 x 72 Equipment Pole Barn with Horse Stable 36 x 100 Unenclosed Visitor Barn 2000 square feet

Available farm machinery, if any: All equipment needed to run the business will be included. For complete machinery list please contact landowner directly.

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 1-4

County: Mendocino

Land Suitable For: Cattle (beef);Cattle (dairy);Forage crops;Goats/Sheep;Grains;Hogs;Market garden;Poultry/Fowl;Row crops;Berries

With Housing: Yes

Land is fenced: Yes

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Lease;Partnership;Farm employment;Cropshare

Soil Quality and Type: Cattle (beef);Cattle (dairy);Forage crops;Goats/Sheep;Grains;Hogs;Market garden;Poultry/Fowl;Row crops;Berries

Currently Living on Farm: Yes

Landowner is willing to advise or mentor the tenant farmer: Yes

On-site Housing is Available: Yes

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