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Nevada #5506


Nevada #5506


Seeking an experienced farmer to help us manage 30 acres of irrigated pasture, 10 acres of orchard and 2 acres of organic garden. It is on a larger property that has been a nonprofit Quaker school and retreat center. The farm provides food for the kitchen for program guests, provides some educational and volunteer experiences and produces excess products for sale in the local community. Farmers may manage all or part of the enterprise depending on their interests. Onsite housing is available. The farm operated successfully from the 1960s to 2019. It was not actively farmed for nearly two years, then a wildfire hit the area. Most of the farm remains intact but the garden was hit hard. The garden is in need of restoration and rebuilding of facilities. Our intention is to enlarge the footprint to make it more productive and to expand and enhance the irrigation system. Pasture cross fences were damaged and we are seeking an NRCS grant for repairs. The apple and pear orchard was not harmed by the fire.

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