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Placer #5503


26 acres Commercial Poultry Ranch for lease in Lincoln- Perfect for poultry or Black soldier flies.

This unique ranch is for rent and ready to help you get your entrepreneurial dreams off the ground and scale-up your agricultural operations. This ranch is the largest privately-owned poultry ranch in the U.S., and my family is ready to retire and create an opportunity for the next generation of agricultural visionaries to disrupt the agricultural industry. The ranch is fenced-in and has multiple layers of security measurements (e.g., gate with security code, trail cameras, and personal security and surveillance) to protect your business’s privacy. There is the possibility to start off leasing just a part of the property and later expand to more/all as your business grows.

The ranch includes all of the following:
•(26) acres of agricultural land
•(10) poultry barns with a total of 168,700 sq. ft. of rearing space
• Each barn has automated feeding, watering, and temperature control systems
•(2) water-wells that supply the entire operation
•Water-rights from the Nevada Irrigation District in case that you want to grow crops
•(4) backup generators that can supply electricity indefinitely to the entire ranch in the case of a PG&E blackout.
•(1) Large Office Space
•(1) Mechanic shop
•(3) Supply storage warehouses
•(2) trailers (2 bedrooms 1 bathroom) for living space for yourself or your employees

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