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Riverside #2361

Riverside #2361

Listing ID: Riverside #2361


10-12 acres of unused land, needs to be cleared & graded for use. Was used as an avacado ranch previously. Accessible by large trailers.

Current Use of Property: Not farmed

Current farming practices on property: None of the above/Not sure

Building and Infrastructure: 6 shipping container on land but not on the portion that is for lease.

Available farm machinery, if any: N/A

Known Environmental Hazards: N/A

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 12

County: Riverside

Land Suitable For: Orchard, Vineyard

With Housing: Yes

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Lease, Partnership, Cropshare

Expected lease rate for farm/ranch property: $5000/month +water usage

Soil Quality and Type: Orchard, Vineyard

Currently Living on Farm: Yes

Property Sale Price: N/A

Farm Business Sale Price: N/A

On-site Housing is Available: Yes

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