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San Mateo #1164

San Mateo #1164

Listing ID: San Mateo #1164


San Mateo County ID#1164: 1 to 8 mostly flat coastal acres for lease on a beautiful property in Pescadero. Formerly (15 years ago) in brussel sprouts. Equipment storage barn available. Surface, 2 ponds & well water options; looking for assistance with irrigation development. Some land of this 18 acre property is in production of berries and orchards and has a private residence. About 8 acres has been left fallow to improve soil for future farming and is available for lease or other options, but not for sell.

Current Use of Property: Not farmed

Current farming practices on property: Biodynamic

Building and Infrastructure: Barn for storage

Available farm machinery, if any: Must provide own equipment and supplies; could talk about helping with start of costs

Known Environmental Hazards: No

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 8

County: San Mateo

Land Suitable For: Row crops

Land is fenced: Yes

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Lease

Soil Quality and Type: Row crops

Currently Living on Farm: Yes

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