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Shasta #5536


Shasta #5536


100 acres available for lease or partnership in Redding. The land is not currently farmed and has not been sprayed in many years so could potentially be certified organic.

Owner is interested in either leasing out the property for production (open to long term or short term) or in partnering with someone to start a joint farming venture on the property. Orchard, market garden, CSA farm, or lavender are all potential crops that the owner is interested in. The land has previously been used for grazing and strawberry production. There may also be the option of a paid position for someone to develop a farm on the property and manage it for the owner.

Current farming practices on property: Dry Farming

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 100

County: Shasta

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Lease;Partnership;Farm employment;Other

Expected lease rate for farm/ranch property: Open to Negotiation

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