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Sutter #5508


Sutter #5508


3 bedroom farmhouse with up to 10 flat acres available for agricultural activities in Yuba County. Surrounding properties have nuts, rice, row crops, and other tree crops, so there are opportunities for many different types of crops to be grown here. We are looking for someone (or several people) to rent the open farmhouse on the property and participate in our community. We are already homesteading and producing organic crops on the property and are looking for folks who are interested in growing their own agricultural ventures here. There are several other residences on the property where the owner and other residents live, and we share responsibility for caring for the property and existing orchard. There is an opportunity to grow vegetables or other row crops for sale on a small scale, up to 5 acres.

The property is close to markets in Yuba City and has good soil and water access.

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