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Yolo #1461

Yolo #1461

Listing ID: Yolo #1461


Pending: 19 diversified acres with 2br house in Esparto, available for lease, lease with option to buy, or for sale. Property features hoophouse, high tensile perimeter fencing, and tractor garage/90hp John Deere.

The Land:
Property currently planted in 4 acres of old almond trees; 2 acre eucalyptus woodlot; mature oaks along 2 acres of seasonal creekbed; and about 2 acres for driveway/outbuildings/home area.  Irrigation headers can be accessed from 8-10 flat acres.  The remaining land is open/treeless and un-irrigated; about 5 acres flat and 5 gently sloping.  Soils are Class 2 Tehama clay loam, partially eroded on the dry upslope areas.

Fruit trees around the house for home use, with a little extra for market.  Lots of wildlife pass through, coming and going from the Little Lamb Valley Slough.  Good place for birding; some spots have views of the Blue Ridge as well.

80% of the perimeter is fenced with high tensile smooth wire electric.  Energizer is pulsed, NOT continuous – tenant can use ours or replace with similar.  Tenant may also use or purchase our 12 lengths of e-stop electronet fencing for sheep (and polled goats), chicken coop, and 2 lengths of poultry netting.

Tenant must be willing to take on 3 outdoor cats – 1 of whom can be indoor if you prefer.  Tenant may optionally take on any of our home flock of mixed-breed chickens, Muscovy ducks, and Katahdin sheep.  If tenant is interested in raising meat, we can offer some guidance as to local markets and processors, as well as introduce you to fellow meat growers in the area.

Current owners have rotationally grazed sheep and goats throughout for 8 years.  A few pigs, chickens, ducks and rabbits have been raised here as well. The old orchard produces few nuts, but provides light shade for the animals; others locally have had some luck renewing their trees’ fruiting with a pastured poultry rotation, so that’s something to try.

Site is limited by water. Current plantings watered by 25gpm domestic well and irrigation headers serving approx. 8 acres.  Flow rate can water 4 acres “fully” or 6-8 acres more lightly.  To expand production beyond those acres, a farmer will need to add water.  Presently we use the un-irrigated areas for pasture, grazing each spot once during the winter-spring growing season and once in the summer-fall.  Timing is important to get both grazes.

The remaining acres are treeless/open area and we’d be happy to see them planted to productive trees or row crops, but this requires more water. Cost of accessing canal (laying pipe under the road and through neighboring property) has recently been estimated at 20-30K; cost of adding a well is in the same neighborhood.

Farm is close to town – for those with children, Esparto Elementary is about 1.5 miles away.   We are happy with the school and preschool in town.  Esparto is small, and includes a good hardware store, a post office, a carnicieria, convenience stores, hairdressers, a park and a library.  Community pool under construction!  Small-to-medium-scale farmers in the Capay Valley are social with each other and help each other out. 

We are open to selling, leasing, or leasing with option to buy.  Initial lease term will be 1 year, for a mutual trial period.

Vision for a lessee: High-quality communication is required. Organic growing practices (certification not required); high-welfare animal husbandry; keeping the land vegetated (no bare dirt except as needed for transitioning to a new crop); retaining and enjoying wildlife habitat in the mature oak and ornamental trees.

Vision for a buyer: Desire to keep the land productive, either through one’s own work or by making the land available to a local farmer.  Shared values in regenerative or organic ag, appreciation for wildlife.

Current Use of Property: Goats/Sheep;Hogs;Orchard;Pasture;Poultry/Fowl

Current farming practices on property: Organic

Building and Infrastructure: Smooth wire electric fence on 3.5 sides. 14 electric mesh portable fences. 20x50' hoophouse with removable shade cover. Tractor garage with 90hp John Deere, tiller, mower, and a disc. Miscellaneous drip supplies. Basic tools of all kinds.

Available farm machinery, if any: 90hp John Deere from the 70s, tiller, mower, and a disc

Known Environmental Hazards: Seasonal creek/slough can, in big storms, flood the driveway and temporarily (6-7 hours) block access to/from the property for smaller vehicles (trucks OK). Neighbors have allowed access from their place when this happens.

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 19

County: Yolo

Land Suitable For: Forage crops;Goats/Sheep;Grains;Hogs;Market garden;Orchard;Other;Pasture;Poultry/Fowl;Row crops;Vineyard;Berries

With Housing: Yes

Land is fenced: Yes

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Buy/sell;Lease;Partnership

Expected lease rate for farm/ranch property: 1600/mo

Soil Quality and Type: Forage crops;Goats/Sheep;Grains;Hogs;Market garden;Orchard;Other;Pasture;Poultry/Fowl;Row crops;Vineyard;Berries

Currently Living on Farm: Yes

Landowner is willing to advise or mentor the tenant farmer: Yes

Property Sale Price: 700,000

On-site Housing is Available: Yes

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