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Yolo #2349

Yolo #2349

Listing ID: Yolo #2349


Reduced! Organic citrus leasehold for sale on 18 acres in Esparto. This beautiful property near downtown Esparto has been farmed in organic vegetables for over 20 years. Currently, it is planted in approximately 13 acres of young citrus trees and 4.5 acres of old almonds (not productive).

The new citrus orchard was installed in 2018. It has been designed to fill a direct-marketed high-value diversified niche because of its unique ability to foster delicious and productive citrus here in yolo county, due to its location, microclimate, water quality and soil profile. The productive window is approximately January through May, and varieties were chosen for flavor first. It has been planted in a mostly high-density style to benefit from earlier yields than traditional citrus plantings. There is a delicious diversity of citrus planted, though the majority of the income will be derived from seedless mandarins, specialty navels, and lemons.

The well and irrigation system has been designed to support a one-person operation for several years until yields increase beyond one person’s abilities. The landlord and farmer have worked closely together to develop this operation as a principled organic production, complete with hedgerows and wildlife structures. The landlord remains on the property and enjoys a family-like relationship with the farmer and his land. The current farmer is seeking to retire from farming to focus on his family, leaving an excellent opportunity for someone looking to transition to the agricultural world with a nascent orchard. The property should provide ample income to support the farmer as a sole income from the citrus alone by 2024, with attractive net returns by 2028. Citrus has a very long productive life.

The lease was crafted with the aid of California Farmlink and contains many advantageous clauses for a farmer; interested parties are encouraged to contact Farmlink for a close read. There are currently 31 years remaining on the terms. If the landlord were to sell, the farmer is afforded the opportunity to purchase it by a First Right of Refusal, less the value of the improvements made by the orchard. Meanwhile, the farmer enjoys the security of farming a valuable agricultural property at a relatively low cost and infrastructure expenses are held to a minimum.

More information about the property, plantings, cash flow projections, and enterprise valuation available upon request. Price Negotiable.

Current Use of Property: Orchard

Current farming practices on property: Organic

Building and Infrastructure: There are not currently any farm buildings on the property, but it would be possible to build one.

Known Environmental Hazards: None.

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 18

County: Yolo

Land Suitable For: Market garden;Row crops;Berries;Goats/Sheep, Orchard, Poultry/Fowl

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Buy/sell, Lease

Expected lease rate for farm/ranch property: 3,375 annually

Soil Quality and Type: Market garden;Row crops;Berries;Goats/Sheep, Orchard, Poultry/Fowl

Landowner is willing to advise or mentor the tenant farmer: Yes

Farm Business Sale Price: 300,000

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