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Yolo #5505


Yolo #5505


We are looking to build a community of grazers and farmers on our 80-acre property near Winters. There are several types of parcels available for a variety of crop and livestock uses, we are looking for farmers who are building their own businesses and will be a good fit for the property as an event venue. There are two main opportunities on this property, small irrigated parcels that would be good for crop production or one large parcel that could be good for grazing.

The small irrigated parcels range from .25 acres to 2 acres, some fenced and some unfenced. Most if these parcels either have drip already installed or access to an irrigation hookup. There is the potential to modify or install different irrigation infrastructure as needed. These parcels could be good for small livestock, market gardens and row crops, bees. or other small endeavors.

We also have a fallow 40-50 acre field that can be used for grazing or could potentially be developed into olives. This is not currently irrigated, but in the case of an orchard development there is access to a well. The boundary of this field is fenced.

The property has several residences (none available for rent), a beautiful pond, and several well maintained silos that could be used for storage. We also have an event barn that could be used for on-farm events in the future.

Current farming practices on property: None of the above/Not sure

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 60

County: Yolo

Land is fenced: Yes

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Lease

Landowner is willing to advise or mentor the tenant farmer: Yes

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