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Yolo #5518


Yolo #5518


167 acres situated on 2 parcels available for sale in Clarksburg. There is also the possibility to for a farmer to lease some or all of the property for the 2021 season while the property is for sale.

The property is divided into 3 fields each surrounded by irrigation canals and ditches bringing water from Sacramento River all year round plus a piped drip irrigation line from new well. Excellent location in the N. Sacramento Delta area about 18 miles from downtown Sacramento. Some various orchard fruit trees, 2 greenhouses and 1 shed. All fields have been without synthetic or organic insecticides, fungicides or herbicides for over 9 years and ready for organic certification. Hot dry days and cool delta-breeze nights produce great climate for crops such as tomatoes and grapes. Williamson Act contract guarantees extra low farmland tax rate. Existing mobile home with 5 bedrooms and 2 full baths 1,800 sq. ft. set upon 5.5′ high raised area overlooking farm.

Current farming practices on property: Organic

Acres Available for Lease or Purchase: 167

County: Yolo

Landowner's preferred business arrangement: Buy/sell;Lease

Expected lease rate for farm/ranch property: to be negotiated

Landowner is willing to advise or mentor the tenant farmer: Yes

Property Sale Price: 2300000

On-site Housing is Available: Yes

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