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Stories of People and Land

Beverly Walker and Brett Walker, Cove Crest Farm and Winery, Shasta County

Mother and son team Beverley and Brett Walker, originally from South Africa, came together at Cove Crest Farm after decades of experience as entrepreneurs in unrelated enterprises. Beverly purchased the 22-acre Cove Crest Farm more than 20 years ago. Cove Crest Farm specializes in certified organic wine grapes, wine production, and organic berries and mixed vegetables. FarmLink helped with its refinancing, and in 2016 also helped with the purchase of Cove Woods on 40 adjacent acres. It was FarmLink’s first land deal that combined succession planning and financing. The expansion now allows the mother and son team to realize their vision of diversifying revenue by bringing people to the farm for events and farmstays.

Brett Walker had worked in interior design, and started honing his farm skills in 2011. Cove Crest Farm had been well known at local farmers’ markets since the previous owners have had a presence selling organic produce and handcrafted wine. Now Brett is maintaining the farm’s good reputation and customers value their leafy greens and lettuce. The Walkers maintain that niche with a unique advantage due to the farm’s altitude and shaded areas that enable them to grow cool-season crops for longer periods than many other farms in their region. As the farmers note on their California Wine Navigator listing, “The Cove is rich in deep volcanic soils and abundant springs. Enjoying warm summer days and cool nights, Cove Crest at 2,400 ft. elevation is ideally located for growing exceptional produce and premium grapes.”

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