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Stories of People and Land

Rafael Garcia and Herguin Lopez, RHJ Organic, San Benito and Monterey Counties

Rafael Garcia and Herguin Lopez met while working for farms in the Monterey Bay region. Both knew people involved in ALBA’s educational program and they decided to enroll at ALBA and pursue a farming partnership. They combined their field experience with farmers’ market sales experience to start RHJ Organics in 2013, operating on eight acres in partnership with a FarmLink borrower. He told them about FarmLink and they found it was a good match for their capital needs. The FarmLink loan team helped them to access financing, which they would not have gotten otherwise, for operating and equipment loans. They also secured additional land with FarmLink’s assistance in the lease negotiation, resulting in their operation now having grown to more than 50 acres, a scale at which they’re achieving stronger profitability with a focus on farmers’ markets and selling larger volumes to regional distributors.

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