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Many families face the challenge of addressing the goals of parents, on-farm children or heirs, and children or heirs who are not interested in living or working on the farm. Resolving these issues can be difficult. We encourage retiring farmers to clearly define their goals, and connect with professional expertise to realize them. We can provide tools to help clarify goals and facilitate family discussions about the future of the farm.

Register Today for Help with Farm Succession

We encourage the effective use of estate planning, business structures, contracts, conservation easements, open communication and other tools to transition farms. FarmLink has launched the Ag Elders and the Next Generation project to create land and business succession strategies that preserve and sustain farms and ranches. Our Succession Guidebook is a free, comprehensive resource for you.

The founders of California’s organic agriculture movement are starting to retire, and those farms are valued by communities near and far. Our work focuses on linking and mentoring to help the next generation learn, grow and invest in proven farms and ranches. We also support equity-building for the next generation. We can also help identify strategies that blend farm transfers and conservation in ways that make create successful outcomes for everyone involved. Register with us today to learn more.

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