Edmundo Diaz De Leon, Golden Rule Organics, San Benito County

An image of Edmundo selling vegetables at the farmers market

At the age of 14, in 2007, Edmundo “Eddie” Diaz De Leon began working on his family’s farm in Hollister. Working with his father, Roberto, he has strengthened the farm business, which is focused on diverse organic fruits and vegetables for sale to Coke Farm, a regional distributor, as well as direct-to-restaurant sales in the Monterey Bay region. Over the year they experienced major challenges including losing an investment in irrigation infrastructure on rented land. FarmLink made a farm mortgage loan to Golden Rule, which enabled them to purchase a 20-acre property and residence in Hollister. Now with more than ten years’ experience operating a farm, and three years as a successful borrower, Eddie is building his ownership equity in the family business.

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