Contribute to our Work

There are many ways to support our work including donations, grants,  sponsorships, and contributions of time and talent.

Donation Opportunities

Other Ways to Contribute


Do you want to help support local healthy food systems by growing successful farm and fishing businesses? Does your community have a need that we can help to address? We invite you to propose a partnership or volunteer assignment with California FarmLink. Please contact us by sending an email with the link below. We look forward to connecting with you. Thank you.

Email us to explain how you can help to advance our work or how we might serve your community. Please understand it may take a few days for us to return your message.

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Do you see novel solutions and impact in our work? Private foundations, donor-advised funds, and other grantors: Consider supporting our programs and initiatives. You can help create equity and opportunity for the farmers and fishers who are a vital part of healthy local food systems. We have more than 20 years of experience partnering with a wide variety of funders to make a difference.

Reach out to learn about the impacts you can make possible with grant support for California FarmLink.


We all have a stake in the future of food and farming systems. Illustrate your company’s support for our work by making a sponsorship gift. We invite you to support our business education courses for people who sustain local, sustainable food systems: farmers, ranchers and fishers. Your sponsorship enables California FarmLink to produce affordable yet highly specialized business education courses. Our course graduates remain in our network for years thanks to incentives like free one-on-one technical assistance and advanced workshops exclusively for alumni.

Would your company like to support our educational courses for people behind the local, sustainable food systems we all value? To inquire about the benefits of sponsoring California FarmLink, send an email or call (831) 425-0303 x7019. Thank you.

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Not sure where to begin?

Here are some terms to help you understand all the ways that people can support our work.

Unrestricted Grants

Also known as “general support,” these grants help incubate new programs or support our policy analysis and education.

Restricted Grants

Grants can be designed to support specific programs and initiatives, with regular progress reports, as required.


Truly important support comes from donations, large and small, that provide the flexibility needed for innovation and policy advocacy.


Public agencies award contracts on a competitive basis to support specific programs, with invoicing usually required to receive funds


Other nonprofits sometimes ask us to help advance their work. We consider subcontracts that enable us to provide specific services.

Legacy Giving

This is a process of making a significant charitable gift, during a lifetime or upon death, which can include a wide variety of tax-wise strategies.

Gifts of Real Estate 

Farms, ranches, and other real estate are profound contributions. We can work with donors to honor a variety of goals for the gift.


We arrange annual sponsorships to feature and celebrate various businesses' support for our resilience education courses.