Annual Reports & Impact

We are always learning and growing. Our clients inform, teach, and inspire us to continually improve our work. We measure and assess our work from a variety of perspectives.


We use various measures to track our progress and impact. Our evaluation processes include client surveys, results of our one-on-one assistance, and outputs like the number of loans deployed and land tenure agreements completed, among others.

Our challenge is to continually monitor and improve a program model that integrates lending, education, and one-on-one advising to improve business resilience and overall increases in business performance including net worth. This is particularly imperative when working with farmers and fishers of color, and immigrant communities, due to historic exclusion from equitable opportunities to build and grow wealth. We focus on priorities such as:

  • Improved business skills and acumen, 
  • Job creation and retention, 
  • Secure access to land, 
  • Business revenue, and 
  • Financial equity and family wealth. 

We deliberately monitor progress for the people served by our work. For example, over the five-year period ending in 2021, 75% of all FarmLink loans were to women and farmers of color, including low-income families, including underserved farmers of Latine, Hmong and Lao descent.

Key Impacts

Our annual client survey captures both impacts and opinions. Impacts for calendar year 2023 include:

Loans originated

Total amount deployed with 65 loans in 23 counties

Low-income individuals

Percentage of loans for low-income people

People of color

Percentage of loans for people of color

Counties served

Among a total of 58 California counties

Land deals assisted

Includes land links, land tenure agreements, and land loans


Acreage of land links & land tenure agreements

Loans outstanding

 Also known as gross receivables as of 12/31/23

Loans serviced

Loans outstanding and land loans held by 3rd parties as of 12/31/23

Annual Reports & Financials

One of our principles is to operate transparently when connecting people with land, education and financing. One way we do that is by sharing our financials. To learn more, see GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

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