California FarmLink can assist farmers, ranchers, and landholders with building agreements related to land tenure, grazing contracts, and the sale of a business. Our experienced staff help tenants and landholders to create detailed lease clauses that reflect their mutual understanding and goals. Here’s what to expect:

Assessing Needs
We appreciate that every land tenure arrangement is unique. We take time to understand the needs and expectations of both parties.
Mutual Benefit
Our work aims to balance the needs of all parties to an agreement; with a core goal being good land tenure.
Customized Language
We ask questions you may not think to ask in order to build a detailed agreement that supports a successful relationship.

Agreements & Eligibility

Agreement-Building Services

Since 1999 FarmLink has been helping people to establish good land tenure. Over the years we have built diverse resources and expertise to create mutually beneficial leases and other agreements. Our role is to ask helpful questions and to bring both parties together for the best possible mutual benefit from the agreement.

Types of Agreements

Landholder Eligibility

Landseeker Eligibility

Inquiry Process

If you aren’t sure if you are eligible, please fill out the inquiry form to provide information that will help us determine the best resources for you.
Get Approved
Service availability is limited and inquiries will be reviewed in the order they are received. Clients may be on a waitlist during periods of high demand.
Connect with an Advisor
Agreement-building services take a minimum of two weeks to complete and often closer to three months, so please inquire early and plan accordingly.