What We Do

Our clients benefit from affordable loans, learning alongside other farmers and fishers, and getting one-on-one technical assistance. Investing in a career producing food has always been risky but also highly rewarding. We have shaped our programs to help people reduce risk and gain access to support for establishing resilient farm, ranch, and fishing businesses.


Access Fair and Affordable Ag Loans

Designed to support farmers and ranchers, our farm loans can be used for everything from regular operating costs to purchasing land.

Loans for Small- and Mid-Scale Fishers

Get financing for permits, gear, working capital, vessel purchase or other needs with fair and affordable access to loan capital.

Specialized Loans for Conservation

Many farmers cannot take advantage of public conservation programs due to limited funds. We created a solution.

“Farmlink helped us when others would not and they had faith in us to make it happen.”

Winters Fruit Tree
Lending Client

“Without Farmlink there would be so many obstacles.”

Moua's Farm
Land Access Client

Land Access

Create good land tenure

Many farmers and ranchers struggle to access land or cannot achieve secure land tenure. Our custom-built Land Portal connects landseekers and landholders.

Search for land and create connections

The Land Portal helps you search for land but it’s also about creating relationships and supporting good land tenure. The enrollment process includes landseekers demonstrating their interests and experience.

More than a land listing service

Land listings are valuable opportunities for the people we serve. With our Land Portal you can learn about and connect with landseekers. Each land listing is evaluated by staff to help demonstrate its value.

Agreement-Building  Services

Create stable land tenure

Do you need a better land tenure agreement? We can help develop and negotiate land tenure and other agreements.

Win-win solutions

We clarify needs and expectations from both parties to build an equitable land tenure or sale-of-business agreement.

Every situation is truly unique

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to quality land tenure. Our tools can address a wide variety of concerns.

John Tecklin of Mountain Bounty Farm shakes hands with a FarmLink employee

“I hand-wrote leases myself, I made them up out of my brain with nothing, because the landowner wanted something simple. He wanted one paragraph. But this arrangement [with Bear Yuba Land Trust & supported by FarmLink] is much more comprehensive.”

John Tecklin, Mountain Bounty Farm
Agreement Building Services Client