Phil and Carmen Carter, Winters Fruit Tree

An image of the Carter family standing in their orchard

The Carter family farm legacy stretches almost 100 years, when Paulina and Phillip Lupertino started a small farm growing cherries and apricots in the Santa Clara Valley in the 1920s. But due to urban development, in 1967 the family farm moved to Winters and started to focus on dried fruits, which can be found at farmers’ markets around Sacramento and the Bay Area. The farm also operates a Winters-based fruit stand, selling nuts, eggs, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Carmen and Phil Carter’s goal was to expand their land ownership beyond six acres where they live. Renting land in two locations, they spent years searching for an established almond orchard near Winters. Ultimately they decided to create their own orchard. A loan from California FarmLink enabled the Carters to purchase 73 acres and begin development of a new orchard with a well and irrigation system.

The new land opportunity creates a more secure future for the 10 employees and four family members working in the business. Earlier this year they wrote, “Farmlink helped us when others would not and they had faith in us to make this happen. We are glad that an organization like this exists in California at a time when small family farms are rapidly disappearing.” You can find Winters Fruit Tree at these markets and also at their farmstand with a good variety of healthy local foods.

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