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Have you poured years of your life into establishing a farming, ranching or fishing business? Are you ready to work on making your business sustainable for the long run? We’ve got you covered.

Build a vision for business resilience
Develop vital accounting skills
Peer-to-peer learning

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The Resilerator
Next Session:
October – December 2024
Zoom Meetings (virtual)
10 weeks
$200 (refundable after course completion)
Wednesdays • 9–11am

2+ years experience

Poppy Davis
Winona Dorris
Farmers & Ranchers as guest instructors

More About this Course

We created this course based on knowledge gained through decades of experience working with small-scale farmers. The Resilerator ® is not only about “business fundamentals.” It goes deeper, based on each participant’s own self-assessment. It is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of farmers, ranchers, and fishers.

Resilerator Overview

The Resilerator is like a business accelerator, but the emphasis is on long-term resilience, sustainable profits, and responsible practices, rather than an accelerated sprint towards short-term profits. The course begins with each participant completing our Business Resilience Self-assessment. The following ten weeks cover topics including business structure, labor, land tenure, accounting, taxation, credit, insurance, and regulatory compliance. The course ends with setting realistic goals for improving business practices over 2-3 years.

The Resilerator features peer-to-peer learning with farmers serving as co-teachers alongside course instructors.

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“I’m looking forward to creating more professional profit/loss and cash flow documents and projecting them out a few years so that I can make more educated decisions.”


The Resilerator is primarily intended for individuals who have at least two years of experience with one of the following roles:

  • Owner of a farm, ranch, or commercial fishing business
  • Significant involvement in managing their family’s farm, ranch or commercial fishing business
  • Substantial managerial experience as an employee in a farm, ranch, or commercial fishing business (to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis)

The Resilerator is suitable for any for-profit business engaged in crop or livestock production, or commercial fishing. Certain types of crops, livestock, or operations, including those under exclusive contract, may not be eligible. Please refer to the application for detailed eligibility criteria.

After the Course

When you complete the course, you become a Resilerator: eligible for one-on-one technical assistance, bookkeeping clinics, and occasional workshops on more advanced topics. You also become eligible for Recovery and Resilience Loans (at 0% interest with no fees) when you apply for financing from California FarmLink.

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