Business Education

Our educational courses support program services by ensuring that knowledge informs decisions; for example, the best uses of loan capital or the key questions to ask when negotiating a land lease. Plus, any course fees that we charge are refundable when you successfully complete a course.

Multilingual Capabilities
Our staff and consultants manage programs that are presented in Spanish and English to create supportive learning environments.
In-depth Learning
We help people understand the connections between people, assets, and activities in their businesses and how those factors impact their success.
Farmers, ranchers, and fishers who complete our courses become eligible for discounts on FarmLink loans and get access to free one-on-one advising.

Our Courses

Business Resilience

The Resilerator

Next session:
October – December 2023
Sustainable profits and responsible practices

The Resilerator is like a business accelerator, but the emphasis is on long-term resilience rather than short-term profits.

Learn alongside peers

Our 10-week Resilerator is a comprehensive business curriculum designed for farmers, ranchers and fishers.

Reap additional benefits

When you complete the course, you become eligible for one-on-one assistance, low-interest loans, and specialized workshops.

Farmer smiling amongst sheep
Farmers sit around a picnic table and listen to instructions
Business Resilience

The Employment Resilerator

Next session:
October – December 2023
Understand good employment

We aim to provide knowledge and tools to ensure that farmers, ranchers, and fishers can confidently comply with California labor laws.

Beyond legal compliance

The course helps employers go beyond legal compliance and towards creating a positive and respectful work environment.

Learn alongside peers

Join a dynamic, supportive learning environment focused on providing high-quality jobs, and get access to resources and expertise to help realize your goals.

Succession planning

The Regenerator

Next session:
Starting November 2023
Create an actionable succession plan

The Regenerator: A Year of Farm Succession Planning is designed to assure that families create an effective succession plan.

Assemble your succession team

We use a team-based approach to assure participation by everyone with a stake in the business’s succession.

Every succession is an opportunity

Livelihoods and local food systems are sustained by succession plans that create economic opportunities in California agriculture.

Individuals attending a seminar
group of farmers stand in a circle and discuss outside a yellow building
ecosystem building

Evaluating and Supporting Farmer, Rancher and Fisher Clients

Next session:
October 2023
Support business success

Enhance your business advising skills and learn what to expect while working alongside farmers, ranchers, and fishers.

Grow your toolkit

Examine business development with our Resilience Self-Assessment, a tool that helps evaluate business health and resilience.

Learn alongside peers

Expand your professional network among people also working to support the success of farmers, ranchers, and fishers.