Foundations & Institutional investors

The Farm & Ranch Prosperity Fund

If you would like to learn more about investing for social impact with California FarmLink, please email or call us.

The Farm and Ranch Prosperity Fund is composed of debt and equity capital from a diverse group of social impact investors. Funds are provided through investments of debt, as well as grants for equity, from investors representing private foundations, community foundations, investment firms, wealth management offices, banks, and public agencies. Banks have an opportunity to fulfill obligations required by the Community Reinvestment Act when they make equity-equivalent (EQ2) investments with California FarmLink. Donors and foundations have the opportunity to make contributions to the loan fund to build its equity and thus support its potential for near-term leverage and long-term growth.

California FarmLink is certified by the U.S. Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution. Our purpose as a CDFI is to provide loans to low-income farmers and ranchers who may not otherwise be able to access affordable business loans.

Sample Investment Terms

Minimum Investment
Maximum Investment
Typical Term
5–30 years
Interest Rate

*dependent on principal amount, term, and investor requirements including but not limited to loan and interest forgiveness, geographic restrictions, specific people served, and other social impact metrics.

California residents & companies

FarmLink Investment Notes

The FarmLink Investment Notes enable Californians to join us in delivering fair and affordable loans to underserved farmers and ranchers. To learn more please fill out the form linked below. You will immediately receive the Offering Memorandum by email. Thank you!

Questions? Email us or call (831) 425-0303 ext. 7019.

The FarmLink Investment Notes provide a community-based approach enabling individuals and organizations to make smaller investments in our loan fund. Our mission-based lending provides operating and equipment loans, land loans, and lines of credit. We have also designed loans to help farmers and ranchers to invest in conservation practices and on-farm housing. Click here to inquire.

Farmers and ranchers need access to capital, especially those who have been historically denied equitable access to fair and affordable capital. Fewer and fewer banks lend to small farms. Often beginning farmers’ limited business history disqualifies them for business loans; and many farmers, especially immigrants, don’t have personal networks that might help them to access affordable business capital. Too often farmers rely on credit cards or predatory lenders with high costs that hinder their ability to grow.

With the FarmLink Investment Notes, California residents (and companies incorporated in the state) can invest in FarmLink’s work to support farmers and ranchers. We invite you to join dozens of people who hold the Notes. They are available to people wanting to make a positive impact and with an ability to invest at least $1,000. With your support, we can grow our loan fund to serve more farmers, develop resilient businesses and produce healthy, local foods.

Investment Notes Terms

Open To
Minimum per Investor
Maximum per Investor
Term & Interest Rate
FarmLink Investment Notes
All California residents, regardless of wealth or income*
2 year:  0–0.75%
3 year:  0–1.25%
5 year:  0–1.75%
7 year:  0–2.25%
20th Anniversary Note
All California investors, regardless of wealth or income*
20 year:  0–3.00%

* The aggregate amount of investment in FarmLink must be consistent with the Investor Suitability standards on page 16 of the Offering Memorandum. You can receive the memorandum by submitting an inquiry.


Annual Reports & Financial Statements

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