What you'll get out of this course

The Employment Resilerator is a 10-week advanced educational offering covering all aspects of how to be a great employer, improve the workplace environment, and create high-quality jobs. We aim to:

Create a positive and respectful work environment
Reduce employment-related stress in your business
Improve understanding of California agriculture labor law
Decrease absenteeism and turnover
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Upcoming Course Details

The Employment Resilerator
Next Session:
October - December 2024
Virtual (Zoom)
10 weeks
Free. Stipends & grants available up to $2,000
Tuesdays • 9-11am
Judith Redmond
Andrea Levy
Guest instructors

More About this Course

Managing a workforce is a common challenge. For example, all Resilerator graduates with employees stated that they often or sometimes did not have enough help. Our goal in creating this course is for farmers, ranchers, and fishers to have the tools they need to comply with California labor laws and the ability to go beyond compliance towards creating a positive and respectful work environment.

Employment Resilerator Overview

The course will convene growers to learn about topics such as safe and respectful workplaces, conflict management, recruitment and onboarding, audits and inspections, compensation, and employee benefits. Like FarmLink’s flagship course, the Resilerator, the Employment Resilerator offers a dynamic, supportive environment to discuss the challenges of providing high-quality jobs while accessing expertise to make progress toward individual business goals.

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In order to be eligible, you must have participated in the Resilerator or El Resilerador.

After the Course

We offer a financial incentive package for completing the course objectives, including identifying business practices that support an optimum workplace experience on farms, ranches, and fishing businesses. Incentives include:

  • $500 payment to attend two in-person classes 
  • $500 payment for completing the program and providing course feedback
  • Opportunity to qualify for a Recovery & Resilience Loan with 0% interest and no fees (certain terms and restrictions apply)
  • Up to $500 rebate on fees, interest or cost of an existing or new FarmLink operating or equipment loan
  • Subsidies to make incremental improvements in the workplace, including the cost of meeting with professional advisors
  • Opportunity to qualify for Workplace Improvement grants (up to $500 per participant)
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Course Sponsors

This course is generously sponsored by: