What you'll get out of this course

How do we best support farming and fishing entrepreneurs? Not sure how to address their questions? Not sure what questions to ask? This six-part series will enhance your approach to assisting small- and mid-scale agriculture and fishing businesses.

Learn what to expect while working alongside farmers, ranchers and fishers
Examine farm business development with our Resilience Self-Assessment, a tool that helps evaluate business health and resilience
Expand your professional expertise and network to make a significant impact on the success of farmers, ranchers and fishers
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Upcoming Course Details

Ecosystem Building: Evaluate & Support Clients
Next Session:
June 4-25, 2024
Virtual (Zoom)
4 weeks
$200 refundable upon completion of course
12-2pm (Tuesdays)


Poppy Davis
asia hampton
Asia Hampton
Guest instructors

More About this Course

California’s small farms, ranches and fishing operations face unique challenges as businesses and entrepreneurs. Learn how to support their resilience. Guided by lead instructors and agricultural business experts, this series will share insights into the unique risk profiles of farmers, ranchers and fishers. It will also offer connections between peer advisors seeking to identify, and address, issues that might threaten the long-term viability of these businesses.


Participants will learn how to apply our Resilience Self-Assessment, a comprehensive tool utilized in California and nationwide to assess the baseline business skills and practices employed by a farm, ranch or fish business. For business advisors serving farm and fish businesses, this tool helps guide their approach to support business owners in prioritizing which practices to establish and skills to enhance. 

Topics will include: business entity selection, accounting, tax implications unique to small farms and ranches; assessing and securing land tenure, credit management, regulatory compliance and other risk mitigation strategies. Attendees get access to our “FAQ” on applying the Resilience Self-Assessment as a tool to support your work.

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“I learned a lot about farming that I didn't know before...this was a great course for me to get acquainted with what it takes to be a farmer, and what needs to be taken in consideration when lending.”

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Who Should Attend

Small business service providers who are highly motivated to enhance strategic guidance for their agricultural and fishing clients. Participants are professionals who already serve, or would like to serve, farmers, ranchers and fishers. 

  • Advisors affiliated with Small Business Development Centers, Women's Business Centers or other nonprofits
  • Accountants, bookkeepers and tax preparers
  • Realtors and appraisers
  • Agricultural lenders and insurance agents
  • Extension agents and nonprofit staff

After the Course

After participants complete the course, one-on-one technical assistance will be available to participants to support their planning and technical needs to serve agricultural clients. Those who demonstrate an interest in serving small farmers will also be invited to continue engaging with FarmLink, including further training opportunities exclusively for course participants, as well as future opportunities to serve FarmLink’s clientele through its business education incentive program.

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