A message from Reggie Knox, Executive Director

An image of a mural to commemorate George Floyd.

On behalf of California FarmLink, we are broken-hearted to see and feel the racist oppression and violence that continues in our society against black people and all people of color. We are mourning the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others who have died unjustly and violently at the hands of law enforcement. We recognize the stark, painful realities that the pandemic is killing black people at disproportionate rates across the country, and that unemployment and economic harm is disproportionately impacting communities of color. We recognize how much work needs to be done to create a society that is grounded in racial equity and social justice.

We will respond to this call to action that is unfolding in cities and towns across the country, and reflect on how we can improve our work to challenge systems of oppression, white supremacy, and all pernicious forms of systemic racism. We are challenging ourselves to build a more equitable, supportive and inclusive organization. We will focus our programs and resources on investing in farmers and farmworkers of color and think critically about how we can better support black farmers in our state and our country. We will work collectively to build a food system that provides equal opportunity to black, indigenous, and people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA people and all groups who have experienced discrimination in its many forms. We are committed to lasting change and will stand in solidarity and as allies to dismantle racism, racist power structures, and speak out for change.

<photo by Xena Goldman>

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