Farm Finance Expo postponed until Sept. 30th

An image of the flyer for California FarmLink's Farm Finance Expo 2019

NOTE:  The Farm Finance Expo has been postponed.  Due to public health orders related to COVID-19, FarmLink has postponed the Farm Finance Expo that was scheduled for March 25th.  Please plan to join us for the Expo on Wednesday, September 30.

For California FarmLink, farmers and ranchers are a source of inspiration, but how are they doing? From our experience, we know that growers are often under-capitalized in ways that limit their potential for greater profit. We’ve also seen the stresses caused by using credit cards to finance a business. Conversely, we know growers who successfully manage loans and other sources of capital to support seasonal cash flow, secure scarce labor, improve product quality, and grow visibility in the marketplace.

Our Farm Finance Expo is a unique event that brings together growers, educators, and lenders. On Wednesday, September 30th, we’re bringing the Expo to the Petaluma Community Center to support beginning farmers, next-generation farmers, and farmers of color, many of whom are driving the locally grown, farm-to-table movement. Ultimately these movements depend on the growers’ business success. Farmers need fair and appropriate financing options, and the knowledge to use financing in ways that support long-term business success.

We’re thrilled to announce that Albert Straus, founder and CEO of Straus Family Creamery, will be our keynote speaker. His talk, entitled “Today and the Future: Redefining a Viable Farming Model,” promises to be an intriguing kick-off for the day’s discussions. In addition to Mr. Straus, we’ll host a panel on farm lending success stories, which often include poignant reflections by farmers, as well as a workshop, “Take control of your finances! Cash Flow Demystified.” In addition, local sponsors and program partners will share information about loans and other financial tools.

Participants in last year’s Expo, Sue and Hansel Kern of Kern Family Farm reported: “For us, the Farm Finance Expo was a chance to realize that we were not the only ones with financial issues, and to learn what resources are available. We really appreciate the guidance made possible by FarmLink.”

Learn more about the event and register here. We look forward to connecting with the local farm community, and learning alongside growers, to explore strategies for farm and ranch financing. Special thanks to our Rainmaker sponsor Farm Credit and Propagator sponsors Exchange Bank and Farmer Mac, along with banks and foundations that support FarmLink, and partners that provide a diverse array of resources for growers. Join us!

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