The Regenerator: A Year of Farm Succession Planning

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The Regenerator: A Year of Farm Succession Planning

California FarmLink is excited to launch its most comprehensive programming related to farm and ranch succession planning to date. The program is inspired by our hopes for the future, and it really has two meanings.

Our work with farm and ranch succession has taken many forms before becoming the full-fledged cohort model we are excited to launch in November. Over the years it has evolved from one-hour technical assistance sessions to three-day workshops. While these workshops provided valuable information for farmers and ranchers, it simply wasn’t enough to gain traction in creating a full succession plan. We’ve learned that preparing a farmer to pass on their farm business to their successor is not a static process but an involved and dynamic one that requires ongoing support and creativity by everyone. Our new goal for succession planning is to help growers prepare their farm or ranch business to remain viable as it passes to not only the next generation, but for multiple generations to come.

The Regenerator: A Year of Farm Succession Planning is designed to guide a cohort of farm families and their successors – ‘Teams’ – to generate actionable plans that support transition to the next generation. Participants will convene monthly to learn from professionals, compare notes with their peers, and work step-by-step to plan for their financial future and family well-being, and for the health and continuity of working farms and ranches.

“With advanced planning for succession we can keep more acres of land in ag and maintain viable small businesses,” says Liya Schwartzman, Senior Program Manager. “On a personal level, it will create a viable model for each Team to revitalize their plans, sustain momentum and establish healthy communication among retiring farmers, their families and their successors. Ultimately this process creates a ripple effect that impacts communities by keeping fresh food local.”

The program is a good fit for farmers and ranchers who plan on retiring within the next fifteen years and who have already identified a successor for their farm business. The program will be held in-person so participants must commit to traveling to the Sacramento area for monthly meetings. As part of their participation, Teams will be eligible to receive financial assistance to meet with preferred business service providers to help accomplish their individual plan. Each family may be eligible to receive up to $1600 paid directly to service providers of their choosing to facilitate the completion of their succession plan.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until July 1, 2021. Learn more here. We encourage you to apply and take advantage of this opportunity!

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