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Chris Mittelstaedt

Founder & CEO, The Fruit Guys
San Francisco

Chris Mittelstaedt founded The FruitGuys in 1998 as a way to bring healthy food to hard working people in offices. He has served on the FarmLink board since 2014. He grew up in the Philadelphia area where he learned about business and customer service while owning and operating a franchise of College Pro painters during his university years. Today some of his hobbies include: dressing as a banana while passing out fruit to people on the street; writing about the farmers and fruit that appear in The FruitGuys boxes, designing and patenting the earth friendly packaging used by The FruitGuys and promoting health prevention as a path to better health care.

His fondest FruitGuys memories include being asked to leave a building because his banana costume wasn’t formal enough, watching all the kids of FruitGuys employees jump in a bouncy-house for “bring your kids to work day” and talking with customers nationwide about how The FruitGuys has changed their corporate culture for the better. Chris lives in San Francisco with his wife and three children who remain his most critical and trusted fruit tasters.