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California FarmLink Investment Notes

Social Impact Investment

California FarmLink Investment Notes provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations to invest in our loan fund to support the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

Our mission is to link independent farmers and ranchers with the land and financing they need for a sustainable future. We do this in part with mission-based lending that provides operating and equipment loans, land loans, and lines of credit. We also design loans that help farmers and ranchers invest in conservation practices.

The Investment Notes are a social impact investment in our loan fund, which serves farmers and ranchers across California, including immigrants, women, and farmers of color. Click here to inquire.

As a revolving loan fund, it is a self-replenishing pool of money, with interest and principal payments by farmers helping make it possible to issue new loans. Your investment enables you to help accelerate the availability of capital.

Farmers and ranchers need access to capital. Fewer and fewer banks lend to small farms; often the next generation’s limited business history disqualifies them for business loans; and many farmers, especially immigrants, don’t have personal networks that might help them to access capital. Too often farmers rely on credit cards with high costs that hinder their ability to grow.

In 2013, California FarmLink became certified by the U.S. Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). Our purpose as a CDFI is to provide access to business capital for underserved communities, and we are the first CDFI in the nation to focus on sustainable and organic agriculture, local food systems, and economic and environmental resilience.

California residents (and companies incorporated in California) can invest in FarmLink’s work to support the next generation of farmers and ranchers. We invite you to join FarmLink in this opportunity, which is available to anyone with a passion and ability to invest (starting at $1,000) to benefit the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

With your support, we can grow our loan fund to serve more farmers, develop resilient businesses, help grow farmers’ equity and family wealth, and produce healthy foods.

We invite you to learn more about California FarmLink’s lending and its Investment Notes.

How to Invest

We offer the FarmLink Investment Notes in accordance with a permit issued by the California Department of Business Oversight.

The Investment Notes enable Californians to join FarmLink in supporting the next generation of farmers and ranchers with vital access to capital. Learn more and act on this opportunity.

Here are the terms we offer for investment in the next generation of farmers and ranchers:

Note Open To Minimum Per Investor Maximum Per Investor Term and Interest Rate
FarmLink Investment Notes All California residents, regardless of wealth or income* $1,000 $150,000 2 years…0.75%
3 years…1.25%
5 years…1.75%
7 years…2.25%
20th Anniversary Note $10,000 $150,000 20 years…3%
* The aggregate amount of investment in FarmLink must be consistent with the Investor Suitability Standards on page 15 of the Offering Memorandum.


Contact Gary Peterson at or by calling (831) 425-0303 ext. 7019.

The vital role of California FarmLink’s Loans

Since becoming a direct lender in 2011, FarmLink has made 253 loans to farmers totaling more than $12 million, with an average loan size of $48,000. About 80% of these loans have been for annual operating costs, serving an important role in meeting farmers’ annual financing needs.

From January through September 2018, our lending continued at a steady pace with 33 loans for $1.9 million, with several more loans in the pipeline, including a handful of land loans pre-approved and ready for deployment when farmers find parcels of land that meet their criteria. Demand for our capital from farmers and ranchers continues to grow, as illustrated by this chart, and we don’t expect this trend to slow down anytime soon.

In order to expand our impact and serve more farmers who don’t otherwise have access to business loans, we partner with other agencies and nonprofits that also provide capital. This helps us to expand the impact of our limited loan funds. For example, FarmLink does co-lending with the USDA Farm Service Agency, where our capital is blended with an FSA loan at lower interest rates intended to support farm ownership.

Thank you for helping FarmLink to create opportunities for the next generation of farmers and ranchers!

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