Anna’s Organic Farms: Growing a Family Business

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Nestled among almond orchards, Anna’s Organic Farms is one of two organic farms in Chowchilla. After starting the business in 2015 with five acres, Anna Maria Villanueva and her family have expanded to include 60 more acres. Anna’s long-term goals focus on the farm’s sustainability. She would like the farm to remain in the family for generations. “In the whole family, we were the first ones to start something like this,” Anna said, “and [we are] proud of the family’s success, having an organic farm.”

Referred to FarmLink by our partners at Kitchen Table Advisors, the Villanueva family was struggling with an old truck when they received a FarmLink loan, enabling them to purchase a new truck. “We are able to transport more products,” Anna Maria reports. “That helps with our sales…to transport the product without worry. We do have to drive two hours to our buyers.” The truck has allowed them to travel further, expanding their market options. They are now looking to attend farmers’ markets in San Francisco and deliver to wholesalers in Watsonville.

Anna’s Organic serves a larger purpose: Knowledge about the land and agriculture comes from Anna’s father, she explained. “It was my dad who grew up in the farm business in Mexico. We all have different roles, but mostly, my dad, he takes from what he grew up doing.” His experience informs the family business, while the family learns together as they grow. Anna details how the farm functions as part of the family “My parents, my brother and I, [spend] basically all day together. It’s very meaningful, not just in the work, but just personally to be able to grow together.”

Photos courtesy of @annasorganicfarms on Instagram.

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