Luis Silva, Silva Organic Farms, Santa Cruz County

An image of Luis standing in front of rows of kale and flowers

Specializing in organic celery, strawberries, and mixed vegetables, Luis Silva started Silva Organic Farms at ALBA in 2015 after more than 20 years working in agriculture, mainly picking strawberries. In June 2018, Luis joined forces with two other farms, Chelito Organics and Acevedo Organic Farm, in a search for land. All three businesses sought certified organic land with good soil and water access, close enough to sales established sales channels, and a reasonable commute from their homes. They found success in the summer of 2018, sharing 60 acres of certified organic land near Watsonville. FarmLink loans helped Silva Organics to get established, and our loan funds are now supporting its expansion onto the new acreage, most recently with an operating loan with a term of 16 months. Check out our blog soon for more details about the three farmers’ journey to financing and land tenure.

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