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Terms of Service

California FarmLink | Terms of Service

  1. California FarmLink is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of California with a mission to invest in the prosperity of farmers and ranchers through lending, education, and access to land.
  2. California FarmLink does not guarantee financing or loan approval. Inquiries submitted through our online Loan Inquiry Form will be considered in the order they were received and do not guarantee access to loan funds. Information provided through our Loan Inquiry Form is subject to our Privacy Policy found here
  3. California FarmLink hosts a user-generated online Land Portal. FarmLink does not make representations or warranties about any properties or farmer profiles listed within our Land Portal or on our website, including the suitability of any property for intended agricultural uses or other business activities. Each Landseeker is responsible for due diligence in their own inspection of any property for their intended uses. FarmLink is not liable for any environmental or legal issues that the Landseeker or Landholder may encounter on any property listed on our Land Portal. 
  4. FarmLink does not represent the Landseeker profiles on our Land Portal and does not screen clients or otherwise verify the information or claims made on any profile or property listing in our Land Portal. FarmLink does not perform background or reference checks on Portal users. FarmLink is not responsible for the nature of the communications among parties, and does not monitor client communications through the Land Portal messaging feature.
  5. California FarmLink does not guarantee that you will be successfully matched with a land opportunity or with a farmer or rancher.
  6. California FarmLink is not responsible for any unsuccessful, terminated or failed links or agreements. 
  7. California FarmLink reserves the right to discontinue its work with anyone at any time, for any reason, without explanation.
  8. While California FarmLink offers services involving tenure agreements and contracts, we are not attorneys. It is the responsibility of each client to consult the services of a licensed attorney before signing any agreements or contracts.
  9. California FarmLink’s services, materials and resources do not guarantee business success. Please consult other professionals for advice on taxes, legal documents, and other matters.
  10. While staff at California FarmLink make every effort to correspond to all inquiries within 3-5 business days, strong demand for services does not always allow us to do so. I understand this and agree to be patient.
  11. California FarmLink keeps all of your personal information private unless otherwise specified by you. Unless you provide explicit permission to publicize our work with your business, FarmLink keeps your business information confidential. Your demographic information is voluntary, and may be used as part of aggregate data reports concerning the demographics of people we serve. In order to most effectively serve your business, any information you provide to FarmLink may be shared internally across the organization’s programs. Please reference our Privacy Policy.
  12. California FarmLink will not provide resources or in any way assist in an operation that produces or seeks to produce crops that are illegal under federal law.
  13. While California FarmLink makes every effort to provide up-to-date, accurate information regarding all aspects of farm purchases, agreements and transfers, every participant in a land or business transaction is urged to consult with the appropriate licensed professionals (including but not limited to an attorney, realtor, and/or accountant) to verify that the transaction is meeting that participant’s needs and expectations.  
  14. Registration in the California FarmLink program or use of its services and information shall not constitute legal reliance on the same, and any participants in the California FarmLink process agree to refrain from any form of legal action against California FarmLink, its employees and its Board of Directors, arising out of any service, transaction or negotiation related to or involving California FarmLink.
  15. California FarmLink will consider offering you a refund of your registration fee if you do not utilize our services. Please request a refund by contacting your Regional Coordinator and explaining why you need the refund. You must do this within 30 days of paying the fee. California FarmLink will reply with our decision in a reasonable timeframe.
  16. By accepting our services, you agree to allow California FarmLink to ask questions about your business, either through a formal survey instrument, or during technical assistance work with staff, and at least annually. The resulting business data is aggregated with other clients for the purposes of FarmLink’s program impact evaluation to improve its service to you and other farms and ranches.
  17. Whenever material changes are made to the Terms of Service, California FarmLink will send an email to all currently registered users of the California FarmLink websites.

California FarmLink Terms of Service, November 2020

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